Troll Dwarf - a peaceful creature who loves to dance and sing, but is also a favorite of the Bergen. Bergen is an ugly species, never to be happy, and only finds joy when eating Trolls.
Under the leadership of the king of Peppy, the Troll finally escape the scene "lying on the table". For 20 years, the dwarf kingdom decided to open a banquet to commemorate the time of peace and happiness. The whole kingdom, especially Princess Poppy, is looking forward to the big day. Only the dwarf of Branch did not, because he hated the crowd and the noise.
And it was the noise and the brilliant fireworks that made a Bergen cook find the dwarf dwarf shelter. At this point, Poppy and Branch become reluctant companions in the rescue of the kingdom.
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IMDb: 6.5

Release: 2016

Quality: HD

Duration: 92 min