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Red Cliff

After defeating and suppressing Liu Bei, Cao Cao dreamed of proclaiming the world by concentrating his forces on Dong Ngo.

Facing the 80-naval fleet of Cao Cao, Sun Quan and the courtiers listening to the recommendations of Chu Du, forming the Wu-Thuc resistance. The battle between the two powerful forces began with the battle marked the tactics of the Bat Qua Chu Du.

Different from the original Three Kingdoms of La Quan Trung, Chu Du of "Red Cliff" through the performance of Tony Leung is a famous general martial arts. Particularly than the reason that Cao Cao sold out to beat Ngo back to a beautiful woman leaning water - Tieu Kieu, the wife of Chu Du.
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IMDb: 7.4

Release: 2008

Quality: HD

Duration: 150 min