Arrow Season 1

Arrow Season 1 began with the disappearance of the billionaire - Oliver Queen who is said to have died 5 years until being rescued by fishermen on a distant island in the Pacific Ocean. In Arrow, when he returns to Starling City, he is warmly welcomed by his family and friends, but they feel that Oliver has changed after returning from the island called Lian Yu. Bring in a great secret and the desire to redeem for his father's mistake as well as himself, Oliver Queen conceals her identity in a blue hooded sweatshirt, with blue arrows and wishes to bring justice to Starling. Please watch"Arrow season 1", to see Oliver' jorney to bring safety for Starling City.

Episodes: 23 eps

IMDb: 7.8

Release: 2012

Quality: 23/23

Duration: 42 min

Arrow Season 1