American Assassin

"American Assassin" tells about Mitch Rapp, whose parents were killed at the age of 14, and his fiancé is murdered right after being proposed, He decided to pursue the murderers for revenge. Shortly thereafter, Mitch was recruited as the CIA's underground agent and under the command of Cold War veteran - Stan Hurley. They then worked for the CIA director to investigate a series of random attacks aimed at military and civilian targets. Together they discovered a formula of attacks that led to a task of co-operation with a Turkish agent to prevent a plot to spark a war in the Middle East. Having investigated and prevented the dark forces and conspiracy to attack terror, while planning to avenge the fiancée, what will happen with Mitch's life. Please watch "American Assassin", to answer this question.

IMDb: 6.3

Release: 2017

Quality: HD

Duration: 112 min