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A Special Lady

Hyun Jung, a woman against the malevolent world of men to protect her only son. Hyun Jung was a prostitute before becoming a second power figure of a black social organization. Sang Hoon, who was chosen by Hyun Jung, became the organization's number one killer. Hyun Jung is the only reason for him to endure all filth in the underworld. Meanwhile, Dae Sik, a brutal prosecutor, is now being forced to work for the organization after being trapped by Hyun Jung.
The biggest weakness of Hyun Jung - the truth about her son secretly born in prison - was revealed. The child immediately became the target of rivals Hyun Jung, including Sang Hoon. Enraged by the jealousy, Sang Hoon plans to collapse the organization and negotiate with Dae Sik. Now, Hyun Jung begins a lonely fight to protect his son, a child who does not even know his mother's existence.
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Actor: Hye-su Kim, Sun-kyun Lee, Hee-joon Lee,

Director: N/A,

Genre: Action, Crime

Country: South Korea

IMDb: 5.5

Release: 2017

Quality: HD

Duration: 91 min